Feeling Stressed? Anxious? Everyone Needs

30 Seconds of Calm

Breathe in calm,  and exhale tension and stress.          

Everything is absolutely ok, right now, in this moment.

Set your intention for today; what is in your best interest?

You can handle it, no matter what happens today.


Many clients have overcome challenges through Isobel’s counseling practice, guided meditations, and hypnosis programs.

Joy, CT

Sugar Addiction & Weight Control

Isobel has helped me control my eating. I used to be a sugar addict, craving sweet foods all the time. Isobel helped me resolve the emotions I was trying to hide from and now I no longer have the cravings. I am in control.

Marge & Robert, SC

Sleep Issues

We had used the Sleep CD which works very well to quell the busy mind and help us sleep. It works just like you have said, if you use for 30 days, your mind is trained to fall asleep quickly.

Amber, FL

Anxiety & Trouble Sleeping

I want to thank you for giving me the skills I need to combat my anxiety.

I was having trouble sleeping again, and I put your sleep program in and I quickly fell asleep.

Longer Guided Meditations and Hypnosis Programs